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IN SHOCK|| Online Vendor, Joy Ogochukwu Allegedly Raped To Death By Male Customers.

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In Makurdi, Benue State, a male client is accused of rapping and killing a young female shopkeeper. 

Joy Onuh Ogochukwu, an internet merchant, was allegedly raped to death in Benue State while delivering clothes to a male customer. 

Joy Ogochukwu, an online vendor in Benue, is accused of being raped and killed by a male customer. 

On Tuesday night, Joy Ogochukwu, a graduate of Benue State University, Makurdi's Department of Mass Communication, was slain. 

According to accounts, the young lady received an unusual call from a customer on Tuesday night and went out to deliver clothes to the caller, only to be discovered dead the next morning. 

Joy was raped, murdered, and her body discarded along a roadside at Northbank near Federal housing, Makurdi, Benue state, according to her brother, Kidee Po Sh, who confirmed the incidence on Facebook. 

"#Justice for joy," Kidee Po Sh tweeted. 

I'm still in shock that she's no longer with us. She is a lovely young lady with a bright future ahead of her. She is running a new business. She sells clothing and shoes, which she usually advertises on the internet and then dropsships. She provides services all across Makurdi. 

"On the 19th of October in the year 2021." At North Bank, she had a customer who ordered two turtlenecks.... She then proceeded to deliver the message. We were all anxious about her because she never returned home. Only to learn of her assassination in Benue's northbank along the Federal Housing Makurdi... 

For her #justice "Big sis, I can't believe you're gone."

"She's basically a hustler," one person stated. What does it cost her to be a legitimate hustler? She had only gone out yesterday evening (Tuesday night) to deliver garments to some vicious men when she was raped and murdered on the north bank," she said. 

The victim was expected to attend to NYSC camp today (Wednesday), according to another source. 

"Today was her (NYSC) camp day" (Wednesday). As a result, she received a call to deliver some items (clothing), and she never returned home. "She was raped and murdered," says a source claiming to be a classmate of hers. 

Friends have expressed their condolences on social media. 

Joy Ogochukwu, an online vendor, was allegedly killed by a male customer. Benue is a state in Africa.

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