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Limpopo School childrens are in danger after an electric meter box is found opened and unattended

Limpopo( Polokwane) school children in danger after a meter box was found opened and unattended.

There are a lot of careless people in South Africa who just leave dangerous things open. An opened matter box was found in Polokwane where young school children pass every day. Children do not know how dangerous is a meter box they can just stop by and think of playing with it. Sadly all the kids who are going to the nearby primary school need to pass a small road next to the matter box. This was noticed by a woman who was taking her kids to school. She decided to call the police so that they will take a look at this carelessness.

An Old person did this and thought it was good, they didn't think how many lives can be lost if a child can want to touch this matter box. The person who did this needs to be arrested as they put a lot of lives at risk just for electricity. Well, it is known that electricity is important and a lot of people need It. But that doesn't give anyone a right to risk people's lives. The kids are still young they do not know what is dangerous and what is not. The community needs to look for a person who left the box open.

In the comment section, there were those people who did not care about the children. There were busy saying that the kids need to learn how to mind their own business. And not touch things that do not belong to them. Well, comments like these are not good only people who have young children can understand the fear that mothers have. Children are innocent and they love playing with everything they see on the way. It is obvious that Eskom didn't leave the box opened like that but people did. Some people are doing their things on the meter box.

It was going to be understood if this opened meter box was close to a high school. The high school children, already know how dangerous electricity is. So there were not going to go close to it. In the comment section, other people gave the Eskom number. This number can help other people if something like this happens to their area. Because a better box is not supposed to be. opened. Even animals can get shocked if they go there looking for water many things can happen which are bad.

Comment below and let us know how you feel about careless people. Because the community is the one that is supposed to protect young children. They must not put them in danger for any reason. Do not forget to follow me so that I can update you about Limpopo news everyday.

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