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A 21-year-old used his Nsfas money wisely to bring changes in the community. This is what he did

A 21-year-old student used his Nsfas money to bring huge changes to the community towards our youth. This young man did something very important to the community that earned him respect.

Sometimes is not all about capital to start something, but determination towards your goals. Many students chow their nsfas money with unnecessary things like alcohol and expensive clothes, but this wise man decided to take his money and use it wisely to help children in his community.

Sidney Mabusela (21) just started a gaming business using his nsfas allowance to help kids in the community. Mr. Mabusela is currently studying part-time at the high institution, he came up with this idea of gaming after he realized that many children in his village are using drugs (Nyaope). Sidney says it pains him a lot seeing our youth losing direction in life because of peer pressure and ganging up with the wrong people.

Sidney Mabusela decided to keep them entertained at his place, due to some certain cost he had to charge them as little as R5 per game for 15 minutes, and R20 per hour. Sidney says the reason why he charges them to play his games is that he also used the Nsfas money that helps him with books and basic food, so charging them is not like he robs them, just he knows that when you tell someone that something is free they don't even take care of it.

Sydney he is planning of growing his business by buying a flat-screen of 40 inches for pictures to show clear. People in the community love and support the idea of this young man taking kids out of the street and keep them safe. Parents say it is much better now because they will know where to look for their children when they want them, many parents in the community supported his idea and wished him all the best.

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