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Family Left Traumatized, A Woman Was Beaten To Death & The Man Is Holding Children Hostage


A woman has just been beaten to death by a man in Zone 5,Ga-Rankuwa. This has completely shocked the community members because such attacks are not common in the area, to this day people wonder to themselves about the violence in our country.

The man is holding the woman’s children hostage and he was threatening the woman with them, the police were quickly called to stabilize the situation and arrest this man, they quickly rushed to the scene but the man was holding the children hostage and so he had to be talked out of using them as a shield.

The South African Police Service are yet to come up with another strategy as they await negotiators to arrive at the scene, this is a truly volatile situation because the man is unstable and he thinks that those children are what is saving his life from the police and it is true but is it also a vile thing to do.

The murderer must be arrested but our laws must also be revisited as they contribute towards these kind of inhumane behaviours, it doesn’t male sense that we are still living with the rules that were made hundreds of years ago as if we are slaves when we have such freedoms.

The weak laws make the justice system to be abused by those it favours the most and those who feel suppressed eventually burst in anger and do the unthinkable, this is very tragic but at least the man did not feel the need to harm the children.

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