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Tokyo's Statement is not True - Tito Mboweni

My question is can anyone deposit money directly into the reserve bank as a private person or party? Instead of third party institutions like financial or banks institutions? Just seeking to be educated, what i know is that, It never happened before, untill Sexwale's bizarre claims

It's a scam, we get these scams everyday. I think someone paid a large sum of money to the scammer, scammer dont do this for nothing

This guy needs urgent mental evaluation how can a leader of his calibre falls, for such a scam and go around validating it ? Imagine donations being administered through the Reserve Bank

Too many questions and Mboweni's response is inadequate. It goes to emphasize the point that we are governed by a strange crop of individuals, who are much more comfortable doing things (in our name) in the dark corners

I can confirm that no such large sums of money may enter or leave the country, without formal Exchange Control knowledge and Authorisation. I'm using the word "may" carefully in the light of what Zuma and the ANC were able to do, in those years by weakening all organs of State, not exempting SARB, in their ten years of criminality under Zuma

Tokyo as conflicted he might be could be running a true story, just perhaps driven by his own personal ambitious to get his hands on the loot. Sounds like a player angry at having been cut off the deal, why is he only speaking about it now?

Tito Mboweni: Twitter

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