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Here is the list of the deceased that needs to be identified at Bara hospital

Baragwanath Hospital is looking for the families of the following people to come and identify the bodies of the deceases. The victims have been found in various places, so if any of your friend or family member is missing please go to Bara hospital at Diepkloof, Soweto.

It is so sad to lose a family member or someone you know without knowing where they are. The total number of bodies that needs to be identified is 23, so 23 families are confused and do not know where their loved ones are.

Bara hospital made everything easy for the families that have to identify the bodies, because on the list there are names, surnames and the place were the deceased was taken from, and those who provided their address before they die the hospital has reached.

To all the families who have lost their loved ones i am deeply sorry for their loss and condolences to them.


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Bara Baragwanath Hospital Soweto


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