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Watch| A Disturbing Video of Foreigners Doing the Unthinkable On the Food caused a stir On Tweeter


Sometimes when people badmouth foreigner’s owned stores, you might think they are just being racist. Back then, when we were growing up, our primary teachers used to warn us not to buy snacks from foreign shops because they were not healthy, but as kids we never listened.


Most foreigners who own shops in South Africa don’t buy sticks from certified retailers; they produce their own duplicates. Not so long ago, there was a video of foreigners making their own cold drinks in the back yard and filling them in Coca-Cola bottles.


Another video of Indian people making fake grandpas has been making the rounds on social media, warning people not to check if the meds are original before they buy them. This caused anger and hate towards foreigners who own stores in Mzanzi.


If you check closely, you’ll find foreigners who own supermarkets in the villages buying their groceries in the certified supermarkets. Why don’t you ask yourself why they don’t eat the same food that they sell in their stores? Well, that’s a story for another day.


There’s a disturbing video of Ethiopian people doing the unthinkable with the biscuits they were packing. See the video below:


In a video, a group of foreign people could be seen packing biscuits in plastic; the environment in which the biscuits were being made was totally disturbing, and one of the guys was even seen stepping on top of the biscuits; his hands were pale because they were dirty.He even went on to lick the biscuit and rub it on his body before he put it in the plastic.


This is totally guise. Now I understand why our teachers used to warn us to refrain from buying from foreigners. After watching this video, you will never eat anything from a foreign shop. See how mzanzi reacted:


What are your thoughts on this video? Leave your comments below.

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