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Meet The Man Who turned An Airplane Into His Home And The Inside Looks Pretty Special


Retired electrical engineer Bruce Campell, 64, has always had a unique point of view. While still in his twenties, he spent $23,000 on a 10-acre plot of property in Hillsboro, Oregon's woods with a very specific plan for what he wanted to accomplish with it. He repurposed an old aeroplane and a large plot of land into the most unusual residence in the world.

Campbell has always had a penchant for mucking about with and repurposing old items since he was a kid. He intended to utilise this plot of land to erect a house for himself, one that would be constructed primarily of freighters. Campbell's idea appeared to be ground-breaking, until he learned of another house that had been constructed. About two decades after he initially hatched his scheme, Bruce Campbell learned about Mississippi hairstylist Joanne Ussery through a mutual friend. She'd purchased a Boeing 727 and turned it into a residence.. As a result of a devastating fire, her old residence was destroyed, so she decided to move into an aviation hangar on the banks of a tranquil river instead. This got Campbell's attention, and he rethought his strategy as a result.

And he made significant alterations! Continue on the next page to see how Campbell did it and to see some photos.

a guy converted an aeroplane into a house with an impressive interior

Campbell paid a staggering $100,000 for an Olympic Airways Boeing 727 in 1999. It was necessary for him to move the massive truck from the Oregon wilderness to the plane once he purchased it. There was a problem with transportation because the plane had to be shipped all the way from Athens, Greece. When everything was said and done, the transportation charges came to around $120,000, which amounted to a purchase price of $200,000 for the plane. The aircraft, on the other hand, was well worth it to him.

The plane's interior is well-equipped with all the creature amenities you could desire. Several of the plane's original features, such as several of the seats and the bathroom, have been preserved. The washing machine and sink were also fitted by Campbell.

Campbell's unique residence, a Boeing 727, has a lot of room, yet he keeps his luxuries to a minimum. When it comes to eating, he lives off of cereal and canned goods. He also makes much of his own equipment like the futon on which he sleeps and cooks with.

We're not sure if we'd like to live in an aircraft like Campbell, but we're quite pleased with what he's accomplished so far! Have you taken a good look at this plane? It must be exhilarating to have achieved something of this magnitude.

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