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President of tswana people you may not know about(President Lucas Mangope)

Born in Motswedi ,Transvaal South Africa in December 27 1923.

He was one of the Tswana people, he loved his people so much so that he decided to be the leader of his people literally. He was the president for his people and his people only(Tswana people)

He led Bantustan (homeland) of Bophuthatswana (meaning "gathering of the tswana people") he is also the founder of United Chritian Democratic Party (U.C.P.D) this is polititian party based in the north west of south africa

He believed that if people are walking together they should walk in two pairs, if they were walking together as two it was OK, but but if they were walking together more than two or more that was not allowed he believed they should be separated because they are "conspiring" and people that he led knew this and they were never walking in large numbers

One of his belief was that donkeys are dangerous and should be killed. This belief was caused by the fact tha his wife "Leah" survived a car accident involving a donkey in the mid-1980s since then the belief was born.

He then later ordered the mass slaughter of donkeys by the police. The killing continued for seven years, when he was confronted about this matter he justified it by saying "donkeys are dangerous and had become hazard on the roads".

Regardless of his leadership belief that may be controversial, he is one of the leaders that created safe environment for his society. Crime at the time of his governorship was VERY low. If you kill someone you were killed, if you rape you were hanged... Everyone knew that criminal offenses were heavily punished, So people led honest lives.

He then later died at the age of 94 in 18 January 2018 . May His Soul Rest In Peace.

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