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Man Beats Wife to Death, Sets His Three Children On Fire After Catching Wife Cheating With Neighbor

When love goes bad, married men and women have been known to kill family members. Domestic violence is defined as any behavior used or threatened to be used to control an intimate partner.

According to reports circulating on social media, a Kenyan man beat his wife to death and set fire to their home, which housed their three children, after catching her cheating. The man who confessed to the crime claimed he had been warned multiple times by his wife that when he goes to work, she brings another man into the house.

According to authorities, the man informed her he was traveling solely to bring her a man into his house, so they could have a good time together in his bed. He said that he set fire to his wife and three children in a fit of rage.

Domestic violence, on the other hand, has no place in a healthy relationship, regardless of whether the couple is dating, living together, engaged, or married. Stay single to prevent bringing sorrow to others if you know you won't be faithful in a marriage or relationship. Personally, I believe that this individual should be pardoned and reintegrated into society.

What would you have done if you were this man? I don't believe that infidelity is a sufficient justification to take another person's life, even though he claimed that he sought assistance from his neighbors to put out the fire, but that he was ignored. What do you believe the punishment should be for this man's murder of his wife and three children?


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