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If your gas cylinder catches fire, do not use water to extinguish the flames.

If your gas cylinder catches fire, do not pour water; instead, perform this critical step to extinguish the flame

 I guess that nearly 70% of Nigerians have switched from using stoves to using gas stoves. This is a key topic to discuss, because most people prefer this gas for various reasons, but we must also learn how to use it safely in an emergency. No one is perfect. We may encounter a situation where a gas cylinder catches fire. In this case, we must act quickly to put out the fire.

 Gas cylinders are the most common type of cooking fuel in many households. LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) is a highly flammable gas used to fill gas cylinders. Therefore, certain precautions must be taken when using gas cylinders at home.

 If your gas cylinder catches fire, your first reaction may be to pour it with water and sand, but there are better ways to deal with this situation. Which direction are you going? Just soak a large towel in water until it is fully saturated, and then cover it on the gas source. If the gas cylinder catches fire, just cover the gas outlet mouth with a damp cloth or blanket to extinguish the flame.

 Although gas cylinders are essential household items, they can be fatal if not handled properly. When the LPG cylinder catches fire and the source of the leak is determined and the leak is stopped, a damp cloth or wet blanket should be placed around the cylinder. This prevents the metal body of the cylinder from becoming too hot and cools the gas before it reaches the ignition temperature.

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