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Bujy Spends Weekend In Jail After Assaulting Boity - Boity Needs Plastic Surgery

Bujy has reportedly spent the weekend behind bars after he physically assaulted Boity at the Courtyard Hotel in Midrand. 

According to a source close to the incident, an argument between Bujy and Boity took a rather unexpected turn when the conversation involved sangomas and ancestors. The conversation apparently quickly got out of hand and Bujy threw a bottle of alcohol at Boity. 

The bottle left her with a scar and she had to be hospitalised. After the whole ordeal, Boity took to social media to explain to her fans and followers what had happened to her. She also revealed that her face would need a plastic surgeon to be fixed. 

After his arrest, Bujy’s bail application was postponed by the court at the Midrand Magistrate Court on October 1, forcing him to sleep in jail cells. He was charged with intent to cause bodily harm. The court is scheduled to resume on Wednesday, October 6 as reported by the National Prosecuting Authority spokesperson, Phindi Mjonondwane. 

Talking to City Press, Phindi said: “The case wa postponed to Wednesday. The accused is in custody and was charged with assault.”

Mzansi’s reaction to Boity’s statement was one to be expected as some people made a joke about Bujy’s gender orientation. 

However, some were genuinely concerned about Boity’s well being considering that at the end of the day, Bujy is a man and possesses man power. Mzansi maintains that he should not be going around fighting women when they have disagreements simply because he is sure to win the fight. 

@Tak_Tkk said, “Oh man. This is horrible. Why would a whole man physically fight a woman? Sending positive vibes your way girl.”

A Twitter user by the handle @sosofanta thinks this whole situation will be interesting going forward. He said: “This is going to be interesting. Boity has declared this as an act of GBV, war against women is big in South Africa and SA is the number most unsafe place for women in the world… Bujy is a gay community advocate and is part of the one of the most marginalized communities in the world.” 

Although the basis of the matter is shuttering considering that gender based violence in South Africa is a real devil that constantly shakes the country, we look forward to seeing how Bujy deals with his actions and how the entertainment industry responds to it. 

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