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New Zealand: Anyone born after 2008 will not be able to buy cigarettes or tobacco.

New Zealand to become first country in world to eliminate smoking. Those under age 14 will never be able to purchase tobacco in their entire lives.

Tobacco should be banned around the world it causes many health problems like heart disease and other dangerous illnesses like cancer. Everything causes cancer and diseases, every thing you eat, everything that's used to produce and preserve the things you eat. You're not getting out if this life alive.

Next, will they outlaw unhealthy snack foods, including potato chips and soda pop, will they outlaw cheeseburgers, fish and chips, pizza, all desserts? Will cars be banned for trips less than 5km in favor of walking? 

Another substance to add to the possession, smuggling, trafficking list, more police raids and prison sentences. It's seems clear that we've replaced tobacco use with a 'speed' epidemic which causes absolute havoc. 

The Law of Unintended Consequences. Jacinda probably wants some attention from the world. Perhaps nz is a testing ground for any globalist agendas before rolling out to the rest of the world.

Some people believe that prohibition only creates manufactured "criminals" to give the government a gloss of credibility to be abusive to their citizens. Those who wish the freedom to continue smoking can do so under threat of totalitarian punishment. There’s a big difference. Remember when the United States “eliminated drinking alcohol” a hundred years ago? Didn’t work out so well.

New Zealand is going to have new elections one day, and people will remember the abuse of power by their dear government, just like Germans will remember, Austrians will remember, Americans will remember, South Africa, Madagascar, Ethiopia and maybe even Canadians.

Some New Zealand residents said until they flee the country to get away from the tyranny, assuming that's still allowed. They are actually all for banning tobacco, It has no useful benefit other than making money. It's just foolish to believe it will completely eliminate smoking.


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