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In #SkeemSaam there is no one left to mourn Melita. Here's the answer to who shot Melita, SEE HERE

Melita has been shot, and we can't help but believe it was Meikie Maputla who did it. Meikie is in danger, and someone is attempting to frame her for a crime that she did not commit in the first place. Fans are now scratching their heads, wondering who may have fired the trigger. 

Many Twitter users believe it may be Meikie, who has recently been released from prison, while others believe it could be Leeto, who was recently released from prison. Melita, on the other hand, is someone who #SkeemSaam followers are certain will win: Melita. I'm willing to bet Melita was shot by that dude who used to be friends with Meikie's former cellmate, Olivia. Now poor Meikie is going to be the number one suspect in the murder, despite the fact that she did not commit it. At the very least, Miki hasn't left her residence, and she has the same John as an alibi for the time the incident occurred, which is a comfort. 

Melita was shot by the individual who had been following her and who had expressed an interest in shooting her. When people learn about Melita's death, they could think it's because some insane jailbird had some wild thoughts about relating it to Meiki. Meikie, on the other hand, has a plausible explanation. Melita is the one who frames Meikie, while Octavia's male buddy is the one who frames Melita. They've been plotting this since they were in prison. This is being done by Octavia's pistol in order to return Meikie to prison. 

Miekie's cellmate is unquestionably the one who struck Melita with the blow. Their attempt to frame her will fail because she was with John at the time Melita was shot, and because her gun license has been cancelled yet again, she no longer has access to a firearm. However, the difficulty is that it was organized incorrectly because there are numerous witnesses who confirm that Meikie was at home. 

The question is, how will she demonstrate this? Everyone is aware that she did not want Melita. She shot MaNtuli because she had slept with her man, and Melita did the same so that people would believe she was the one who did it. 

Who do you believe was responsible for Melita's death?


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