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In the pictures. How did this man climbed escalators at the mall, using the just one hand.

See in the pictures, how did this man use the side of escalators at the mall to move from one floor to another. The man in question was in a mall that has not been identified at the moment but it can be noted that it was a South African mall.

The man can be seen passing the escalators as if he was continuing his shopping on the same floor. As the escalators slowly move up, he grabs the side of the escalator with one hand and slowly moves up with the escalators while his body is dangling in the air

As the escalators move towards the top, he grabs with both hands and swings his whole body, and climbs up inside of the escalators as he continues to go about with his day. All along people at the mall are in disbelief at what he did, some wondering if this was not dangerous while others were cheering him and taking videos.

Social media was abuzz with the video of this man, some people saying he dared to do what they have been secretly wishing to do while others said he must thank strength training. Without proper exercise, there was no way he could have achieved that without falling

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