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Mckenzie warns Shoprite, Spar, KFC, etc to not be too much happy because they are coming for them

Patriotic Alliance (PA) president Gayton Mckenzie warns Shoprite, Spar, KFC, etc to not be too much happy because they are coming for them.

This comes after Patriotic Alliance (PA) president Gayton Mckenzie dealing with illegal Somalian shops that have been selling expired goods to the community. Gayton Mckenzie found some expired food at Somalian shops and he asked the shop owner if he can give his child expired food. The response from the Somalian man angered the whole Mnzasi since he said no he won't give that to his children.

Mnzasi people are also advised to check the quality and expiration date of some goods they buy from Somalian shops. The shop owner also admitted that he has already sold some of his products, which means there are some people out there who ate expired food. Some of his expired goods were Cereal, kids medicine, and other kids' food.

Shoprite, Spar, KFC, and other stores congratulated Gayton Mckenzie for doing a good job. Mckenzie told them to not be that much happy because he is coming for them. After all, their shops are full of foreign stuff while South African people are jobless. Mckenzie said that they want 100% local people in their shops.

Many people supported Mckenzie about 100% local. However, this might cause a fight between shops owners and Mckenzie, because shop owners won't agree to employ 100% unskilled people at their companies. There will be more cost for training 100% local people, unless if they will be having experience for that certain job.

What is your say about these 100% local employees? Do you think is fair for shop owners?

Let's check how people think about this matter on Twitter.


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