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A man causes a stir after showing off how much his 6 year old saved up this year. See comments.

A man caused a stir after sharing the money his 6 year old daughter was able to save up from January of this year. He posted notes as well as coins with the caption "My six year old daughter's first attempt at saving money. She has been saving in a piggy bank since January." See his post down below.

After sharing the post ,people were left amazed with how much a 6 year old was able to save up in just 11 months. One thing people couldn't stop but notice was the R100 notes that were there, the question was where does a 6 year old get R100 note. But let's be honest times have changed what we use to get from our parents as pocket money is nothing close to what kids of nowadays get. See some of people comments down below.

Let's be honest kids of these days know money and love money of course. So it is important to teach them while they are still young about the importance of saving money.

What are your thoughts on this? Comment down below.


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