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Man Accidentally Cuts His Manhood While Dreaming

Man Unintentionally Slashes His Manhood in a Dream

It has to do with being a good friend to both men and women, showing loyalty and support, and being there for others. Humor and a positive outlook on life are also very important." "Men are fundamental beings who primarily care about three things: leisure, sex, and success.

Kenyans saw a frightening incidence today where a 42-year-old guy allegedly chopped his genitalia while he was sleeping or dreaming.

Image used with permission as evidence.

This 42-year-old man was asleep when this awful event happened to him, according to a report by Citizen Tv Kenya.

He assisted a knife and sliced his manhood while dreaming. His neighbors were immediately notified, and they hurried him to the hospital for a checkup and treatment.

Image used courtesy of and used for illustration purposes.

This individual is being treated at the hospital right now. His manhood's survival and functionality are still uncertain. Many Kenyans are still in awe of this event since it is still incomprehensible how someone could harm themselves in such a dreadful way. The worst horror that every man has ever experienced is this. If you sleep with a knife near you, please don't do it again. Consider liking, commenting, and sharing. In


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