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Officer finds something scary on the road, Warns South Africa. Video.

Crimes that take place on the road, especially in deserted areas, have started to rise in recent years. Hijackings and robberies, among other crimes are happening more and more often. However today, a video uploaded to Social media, by one brave law enforcement officer, shows us a new scary way that criminals plan to attack South Africans and he's shared it to facebook for everyone to see. Here it is.

In the video (Which you can watch by clicking the link below) the traffic officer shows us a suspicious black packet on the road. However when he opens it we can see the sharp spikes that were hidden below. He goes on to explain that the robbers intend for the spikes to puncture you're tyre so that you can stop you're vehicle. Once you do they will rob you of everything you have. However if you stop you're vehicle before you hit the spikes, they will hijack you and take you're vehicle away.

Click on the link to watch the video :

While I'm not sure how far this method has spread, there has been many other forms of road crimes that happen all the time. In order to protect yourself from these crimes it is important to follow these rules.

1) Do not stop in Deserted locations

2) Do not pick up hitchhikers

3) if someone does signal you to stop, even if it's law enforcement, always go to a public location before you stop.

4) Make sure you have enough fuel in you're tank before you leave a certain area. 

5) Make sure your water and oil is topped up so you don't have to stop in random places to fill up.

Tell me what you think of these times of cases and how to avoid it happening to you in the comments and follow for more news as it happens. 

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