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Here's 3 Tricks To Use To Scare Criminal From Stealing Your Car (see pics)

Now that quite a lot of car owners especially those who drive polo cars have done almost everything from car guards to car trackers and car surveillance camera's, but the thugs keeps stealing the cars anyway and get rid of the gadgets we had put all our trust on, Have you ever wondered if there are more measures you can resort to in order to make sure your car does not get stolen especially now that we are approaching Easter holidays people are getting their bonus at work, and they will be at the black market looking for cars.

Well there are certain measures you can take to see to it that your car is not get stolen, please refer to the points listed below to see what is it that you should do.

• When you are going out for parties and clubbing please avoid the clubs parking as much as possible especially if the club is at the township, What happens is that once you park at the club you can be followed and spotted that you are seated in a space where you can not see your can,So that's when the thugs walks to it freely and do thier thing with people seeing them thinking maybe you sent them while you did not.

• If you do not have a safe parking space such as a garage,Please normize disconnecting your battery every night so that if it happen that the thugs come for your car they don't get to start it.If they can't start it there is no way they will open it to see what could be wrong with it bare in mind that this guy's come to steal not to fix your car.

• Lastly normalize putting random such as those I the attached pics to scare of the thugs thinking that it is muti,If you should look at many car thieves they could be naughty and stuff but most of them know that witchcraft do exist and do not want to be victims of it through thier thefts syndicates so putting random stuff like that can save you big time.

While you are doing all this please do also see to it that you tell anyone that you use this tricks because now you do not know who the person you tell talks to and do not know the thieves as well.Please share the article to spread the awareness 

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