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Watch: Police Pounce On Illegal Foreigners After Being Delivered By Bus

South Africa is fighting a losing battle in terms of illegal immigration,many african countries and asians are dumping their citizens in south africa after they ran a failed states,the fact that the south african borders is no longer only the reason why the people are illegally immigrating to south africa,one can very well ask him/herself that how could the bus makenit through the border gate in both sides of the neighbouring country,the south african home affairs officials and that of the neighbouring countries has to give an explanation about all this movements,as for south africa,there are many home affairs officials that are being arrested for facilitating the illegal immigration through the manufacturing of the fraudulent documents and selling the illegal entry to south africa.Nothing has been reported about the home affairs officials of the neighbouring countries.The south African police services have pounced on the tens of foreigners who have just been bussed illegally in the country,these are the economic migrants who brought nothing to the country but to compete with the locals for jobs that requires no specialized skills,the south african employers are benefiting from the illegal immigration,thus so many Non Government organizations are fighting tooth and nail to make sure that the south african government is not doing anything about the people who came into the country illegally,the south African government's decision to terminate the special permits issued to Zimbabwean nationals was met with the heavy criticism from the foundations and NGOs.Since the dawn of south african independence,the people,especially the africans,have been flocking to south africa as if there were wars back in their home countries,south africans welcomed and received such people good heartedly,unfortunately,some of the foreign people have decided to work day and night to collapse the country by engaging in the criminal activites that compromises the lives of the locals who have once lived peacefully in their country

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