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Graphic Video| Cable Thief Skinned Off While Trying To Steal Cables; Mzansi Reacts

While the entire nation endures endless days of load-shedding, cable thieves are hard at work, further harming the economy. Most of them do not realize that by cutting electricity cables, they are not only damaging the utility but also endangering their own lives.

While some cable thieves are competent, carry lethal weapons, and have gotten away with selling stolen cables to informal settlements, others are inexperienced and do not survive.

In a viral video, an unidentified man can be seen struggling to descend a ladder after attempting to steal copper cables from an unidentified structure. When he finally reached the ground, paramedics could be heard urging him not to flee, but to walk toward them so they could assist him.

It appears that whatever he was wearing before to attempting to take the copper lines was burned, since he went around naked and with various wounds.

Video: xW1pUfGfgjrQ&s=19

The general public is hopeful that the suspect has learned his lesson and that this will act as a deterrent to future cable thieves who continue to disrupt Prasa and Eskom. Others are not as sympathetic, arguing that the community should have handled the suspect instead of EMS.

Theft of cables is prevalent everywhere. Due to the theft of electricity lines, signal systems on trains must be manual, and trains cannot exceed 30 kilometers per hour because this could cause accidents. Until the wires have been rebuilt, communities must face power disruptions.

The theft of cables poses problems for the entire nation. Thieves must be punished severely. Prasa and Eskom should launch a public awareness campaign to generate anger against cable theft and damage.


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