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Video: Watch Man Beats Up A Woman After An Arguement In A Taxi

Individuals don't generally agree, they will undoubtedly see things from.different viewpoints, when they go to a conflict, now and then battles is by all accounts the main arrangement individuals think off, yet it is consistently great for an individual to pick somebody his/her own size while getting into a battle, however this person just felt the time has come to pound a lady infront of everybody in the taxi. 

A video shared On Twitter shows a lady who was in a showdown with a man who was seating on a seat which is Infront of hers getting a beating of her life, she could never get into an arguement with a man as long as she can remember deciding by the manner by which she was beaten. 

On the Video, the irate man pivoted from his seat and was caught severely attacking a lady savagely, he punched her again and again agajn while the other lady who was seating close to her was attempting to request that the man stop, however she was told to avoid it and she did on the grounds that she dreaded to be whipped as well. 

"Where do you know me from? Where. Do you know me from? Do you know me? Driver, driver, I will kill this lady, I will kill this thing," he said while squeezing the lady down again the seat subsequent to punching her multiple times on the face," the man said. 

The battle continued for quite a while and when the man at last let her go, she never needed to go, she needed to pummel the man also, she Jumped onto him and he beat her up again, he was angrier than before this time around. 

"You are a weakling, a man who Beats Up ladies, you are a futile man," the lady said after she figured out how to break free.

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