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“What do you call this in your language,” asked a curious person on social media, see the comments

(Source: - @mo_tuckie)

A curious man took to social media to get more information about a bump on the forehead. As he wanted to know what’s the name of it in other languages in South Africa. Since the country has eleven official languages, surely they have a certain name for it. One thing about Mzansi is that most people will give more information than required and that’s not a problem since they’re teaching others about their particular language. The importance of the question was school other individuals that didn’t know much about the bump on the forehead. What caught many people’s attention was that such posts are barely shared online. “What do you call this in your language,” asked Tuckie (@mo_tuckie) on Twitter.

The tweet attracted a lot of attention on Twitter, as numerous people took to the comments section to provide their different answers. The post had over 2 600 comments, 1 400 retweets, and 2 890 likes. Tuckie wanted his followers to know what he was talking about as he posted a beautiful lady and circled her bump on her forehead. As he wanted to know what’s the name of it in other languages. Truth be told, there were tricky responses in terms of pronunciation. 

*Lindy (@lindy_g09) said, “Andiwazi AmaXhosa endiphoxa apha coz is called ‘IDUMA’ period.”

*Mpele M (@mpeleRM) said, “Ping bong.”

*Qhuba Gumbi-Dlamini (@QhubaGumbi) said, “Papamuzi we used to say when we were children.”

*Fungai Tinny Manzini (@FungaiTinny) said, “Ndebele-Indunduma… then slang sithi ‘imponji’.”

*Magaz (@MagazMpho) said, “Ghunga. Those things liked my head.”

*D (@iam_donii) said, “Nkurungkuru.”

Numerous names are associated with a forehead bump, however, it’s known as an osteoma. Which is a bony growth that mostly appears in people’s foreheads and it’s hard when you try to touch it. At times it might appear as a fixed knot on your scalp, amongst other parts of your body. They can be caused by a lot of things including osteomas, lipomas, and unevenness of the skull caused by the facial fracture. If you have a major problem with the forehead bump then you should consult with your doctor.

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Date: 0711/2021

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