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Thank You South Africa for Your Love and Care Expressed to Makhosi Shelembe, May God Bless You All

This episode made me realize that there are actually a lot of women who succumb to such treatment on a daily basis and they are broken inside, just imagine ma shelembe raising her kids under such a toxic environment with zero respect and care, trust me no kid would be happy seeing their parent like that. I think we should have more of such NGO Campaigns that help other women, who are being abused or not happy in their marriages but have no means to live and start afreshLastly, no matter how much you love someone dont ever let them make you feel like you nothing, such treatment can really break you and your kidsSome Men nowadays have no moral and respect for women when time goes on you find that the lady in a red dress who is proud to say the husband won't do anything without her, she will tear him into pieces and misery and he won't be able to control her, doesn't have respect she so proud that brothers won't marry anybody after her HOPE her dreams come trueI was in tears and the chuck of the marriage wrecker to say she will not allow the husband, to take a third wife every thing is about her but she will regret her actions one day when Mashelembe, shall have healed and moved on successfully

I wonder what is the family saying and feeling. What kind of people are these mara. As for this second wife, she thinks, things revolve around her. She doesn't understand that making another woman cry, one day she'll pay for those tearsI just we as woman could stop pleasing society and stop trying to change men who are animals, the reason we feel inferior is because we let men make us feel that way. We are very clever and resourceful human beings we can become anything and everything we want in life, if only we can stand firm on our own love doesn't have to hurt

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