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South Africans blame foreigners for crime But See what they were caught selling in Joburg

Many South Africans have been working behind the scenes for years to deport immigrants, fueling the xenophobia that has become a serious problem in the country. Most South Africans believe that immigrants are to blame for the country's escalating crime rate, human trafficking, and drug smuggling issues.

The arrests made by the SAPS this week in Johannesburg, however, seem to imply that the celebrities are being exploited as scapegoats, and that the real masterminds behind crimes like people trafficking and drug smuggling in South Africa are South Africans themselves.

Five South Africans were reportedly arrested by the South African Police Service (SAPS) for selling counterfeit items with a combined retail value of more than R15 million at the Pan Africa Mall and the In Joburg Mall.

Counterfeit products, for the uninitiated, are those that are made or marketed under a different brand name without the brand owner's permission and are usually of lesser quality. It is possible for merchants to infringe on the rights of the trademark holder, the patent holder, or the copyright holder if they advertise their items as being created by the trademark holder.

It was discovered that several different types of counterfeit pharmaceutical and skin care goods, as well as razors, were being sold in South Africa.

The US Embassy in South Africa, the South African Pharmaceutical Regulator, Fidelity Reaction Unity, BCI Security, POPS, and the Custom Services unit worked together with the Johannesburg District Police to make these arrests.

Now, I implore all of South Africa to desist from purchasing counterfeit goods, as doing so is terrible for the economy and has serious consequences for consumers, especially in the case of skin care products, which can do irreparable harm to the skin if they are not authentic.

Since the SAPS had already closed establishments owned by foreigners in Joburg just a few months earlier, they were required to do so. To me, it seems like the South African police are prejudiced against immigrants.


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