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SAD || A Father Attempted To Commit Suicide After This Horrible Thing Happened To His Children, Look

Date : 22 January

People were left in tears and touched after the sad news that a certain man on Twitter revealed. On ywitter a certain man by the name of " Sthabi" revealed some heartbreaking information that left many people in tears. He revealed to the masses that he almost committed suicide yesterday due to the pain of seeing his children going to sleep without food. His children are still in primary school and depending on the food feeding scheme.

It gets better during the day because they are able to eat at school but after school it gets painful because there would be no food in the household.Seeing his children going to sleep pains him a lot that he see it fit to end his life because he feels like he is failing his children and wife. When he revealed that he almost committed suicide it broke the hearts of many people as they were not really expecting this more especially from a man. Man are expected to be strong at all times and to continue moving forward as if nothing is happening.

It still feels like a dream to many people but it is what it is. Many people commented on his post and wished him all the best on finding a job in the future so that he would be able to take care of his family. Others shared words of encouragement and wisdom during this hard so that he can never try to end his life ever again. There are people are willing to help others and come to the rescue. If ever you feel like it's too much its best to talk to relevant people and get help. What is your view on this matter? Share your views on the comment section and follow for more news.

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