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VIDEO:5 hours seating on the edge. Is it stress or happiness

This man is seating on the edge of a high rise building and he has been seating their for a long time as 5 hours. They way he is relaxed, it looks like he is having some time with himself and don't need disturbance around him. It looks like he is reading a book.

According to social media weighing in, they are saying he is having a cellphone with him. As he has taken five hours on the Johannesburg CBD at 66 Marshall, it could be many things happening around him or within his life. But for him seating their for such long hours, he may be relaxing on his own or their is something else.

Emergency team managed to rescue him from the building. While he was seating on the 66 Marshall edge building, he did not reveal any much of signs that he is going through much worse in his life at that moment. Even though it is not clear of what he doing, it may be possible that he is having a book in his hands and he is reading it.

Their two ladies whom are capturing the video clip, they are having a thought of helping him, but they are also thinking he is having a time alone. He does not want to be disturbed as they saw him. Their best interest or decision is to give him space.

If their is really something happening around him, surely he will go through it. It is not clear if that emergency has disturbed him or they have saved him from danger. For him seating their for such a long time, it is a dangerous thing to do.

If he was meditating, it may be more than enough for him for mediating and considering the danger of the edge building. Hopefully he will go through what it is troubling him and also not to consider such dangerous move going forward.

Source link provided below.

Source link provided below.

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