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A domestic worker was brutally murdered during a house robbery in Rietfontein.

A mother of three was brutally killed during a house robbery in Rietfontein in the Moot on Wednesday, 3 March 2021, in the early hours of the morning.

She was a domestic worker at that place, her name is Maria Sithole and she is 47 years old, she was shot in the head after two men gained access to her employer’s house on the corner of 28th Avenue and Louis Trichardt Street. The owner was tied up in the bathroom and shot right behind his ear, he was subsequently taken to the hospital by an helicopter and the suspects are still at large. Members of the public are urged to help with any information if they have any knowledge.

Why kill someone, why not take what you want and go? Could it be that these suspects were known and they didn’t wanna risk being identified. These thugs are getting more ruthless and daring, they must be hunted down and finished off.

The government has never addressed how to resolve the growing crime rate in any of the speeches but we rated 2nd highest in the world, and some of these crimes even appear in the news but no one is taking an action or saying a thing about it.

Our government is surely part of this, otherwise they would do something to protect our citizens. They just don’t care, more interesting in looting the country.

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Maria Sithole Rietfontein


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