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Warning: Beware Of Social Evils And It's Consequences

God has established a standard and set of rules for everything we do on this planet. Be it business, the acquisition of property, eating and drinking, social relationships, or even our relationship with God, which we express through our daily devotion and worship, there is something for everyone. Unless you work within the confines of His established rules and standards, you are on your own in your endeavors.

Generally speaking, what is wrong with purchasing land for development and commercialization, what is wrong with purchasing agricultural fields to plant crops in commercial quantities, and what is wrong with one eating and drinking what he or she has toiled to produce out of his or her sweat, are all valid questions. Our occupation is incorrect because of the incorrect way and manner in which we obtained our wealth.

The fact is, wealth is obtained through dubious means, such as deception, cheating, trampling, and supplanting the poor. Some people acquire their wealth through coercion, and while developing their land or cultivating their farmland, they refuse to pay the laborers who have worked on their behalf. They do not allow justice to prevail in their dealings with the impoverished people with whom they conduct their business.

Several Christian groups continue to disagree on the issue of alcohol consumption, including the Southern Baptist Convention. God, on the other hand, says today that those who take pleasure in mixing and consuming strong drink (Isaiah 5:11&22) will perish. Consider the irony of being hailed as heroes of faith while being hailed as heroes of the wine bottle. What a blunder in one's belief system!

Did you know that the majority of the songs we sing during religious ceremonies, accompanied by musical instruments and dance, are considered offensive to God? Take a look at how God describes it in verse 12. You have harps, tambourines, flutes, and wine at your feasts, but you have no idea what the Lord is doing because you have no understanding.

Allow me to remind you that in God's eyes, there is no such thing as discrimination or segregation. (v 13-15) Both the rich and the poor who sin against God must be subjected to God's fair and impartial judgment "..... Everyone must be humiliated, and those who are proud will be humbled as a result ".....

Isn't it ironic that you are unable to break free from your sins despite the fact that God's message has been specifically addressed to you? How can you sever ties when you don't have Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit in your life? What are your options?

Many people today are involved in various forms of idol worship, particularly with regard to idols that do not have standing images. An idol is anything that assumes the role of God in your life, unless you are referring to talismans and graven images as the only types of idols available to you. Keeping God out of the picture while pursuing your goals can lead to the creation of idols in your life, including money, wealth, men and women, children, business, trade, education, religion, work, and the entire world.

May we heed the alaming warning and return to God so that He does not use godless people to bring disaster upon us, causing us to suffer and be destroyed.

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