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Theft robbery

A lady shared that her father was nearly hijacked but was arrested by the police he ran to for help.

There are so many dodgy things that has been happening in our country and some we were not even aware of. Sometimes the police we run to for help, might be corrupt or might be fake ones. We really do not know where to run to for help any more. A lady whose father has recently been arrested and harassed by the police he ran to for help, shared her father's story on social media. 

On her post she mentioned that: "So yesterday we almost lost a parent,my dad was on his way to work and there was a car that was following him. To cut the story short, they were trying to hijack him and the police that he ran to for help wanted to shoot him because they also involved. The police arrested him, saying something about him stealing a car or something(still confused)". 

Her story got a lot of people absolutely emotional as they wondered where to run to in terms of looking for help, in such cases. This is really heartbreaking and no one deserves to go through this after seeking for help from the police. More of the story can be read on the pictures below. What do you think of this type of situation, what should the innocent man's family do? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment below, like and don't forget to hit the share button.

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