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Johannesburg town taxis are on fire.

Johannesburg is on fire, it is expected that this might be the taxi violence but it is not clear if this will turn into a strike or not, the nation knows that taxi driver's are capable of strikes and violence in The country.

When taxi violence happens in Johannesburg or any other big cities things get affected the economy is also getting affected by the strikes.

The movement of people who enter the big cities using public transport do get affected and when this moment is affected the traffic of people in The big cities are also getting affected, this could lead into the big destruction that happened on The country in The past month's.

It is unclear what will happen if the taxi violence is the main cause of the burning of town taxis in Johannesburg.

Burning of taxis is not something to be proud of in south Africa as most of the people in south Africa use public transport for transportation of good or their families to different areas.

it is clear that further investigation will take place to find out the main cause of burning public transport specially in big cities such as Johannesburg that it might affect other things like buildings and other assets of the country.

It is important for government to tell people about the importance of creating jobs in the public sector, using public transport also benefit the economy and also improves other people's llives.

People of south Africa will have to understand that if they burn their own transport they will struggle with transport to get to their jobs, this might end creating a negative environment for people as the movement of the people is very important in The country, the moving of the economy Is very important, if people do not move jobs might be affected as public transportation important because many south Africans use public transportation.

It is clear that the police will have to be careful in The big cities as anything can happen and affect many things that are the people of south Africa.

Respecting the resources of the people and the country is important.


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