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Here Is Why Gqeberha Is A High Crime Area

The counter posse unit in Gqeberha held onto a sum of 12 guns and 311 rounds of ammo in May.

This week alone, eight guns were seized from posse areas of interest in the city's northern regions.

In a knowledge driven activity led during the early long stretches of Tuesday, unit individuals executed a court order at a house in Saul Street in Parkside and seized two guns — a shotgun and a 9mm gun — as the proprietor supposedly didn't follow the supervision as far as the Firearms Control Act.

A storehouse on similar premises was likewise looked and a further five guns — a rifle, shotgun, gun and two guns — and two R5 magazines and 131 rounds of ammo were found.

"The chronic numbers on every one of the guns were recorded off," police representative Colonel Priscilla Naidu said.

She said a 28-year-old suspect was captured and kept on a charge of ownership of precluded guns and unlawful ownership of ammo.

During the early long periods of Friday, the unit individuals circled back to data of a gun in the terrace of a congregation at the intersection of Booysen Park Drive and Coriander Road in Bethelsdorp.

They looked through the yard completely and found a naval force blue pack with a rifle inside.

The gun was seized.

"It's obviously true that guns are firmly connected to pack savagery and these weapons are gained through unlawful means.

"The expansion of guns stays a functional need for the police, thus every work should be made to decrease the course of unlawful guns," Naidu said.

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