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He stabbed a two month old baby and this happened to him

I think South African government should start workshops for South African men, get people who are educated to come and talk with those men because something is not good, and there is a serious problem. In a bizarre incident, a man was arrested in Palm Ridge Germiston after he stabbed a two-month-old baby boy to death. He then proceeded and stabbed the infant's grandmother in the hand. He faces a charge of murder and attempted murder.

What is wrong with men in our country? How does one bring himself to stabbing an innocent infant? Then whenever people mention the death penalty people say "what about people who will be falsely accused" NO! Death penalty should be applied in cases where there's zero probability the accused is innocent!

Here's how shocked people reacted to the evil incident:

@Mduduzi015 A two months old baby nogal? What is this world coming to huh? God, where are you when such things happen?

@Loosey Why why why an innocent little angel? Why would you even think to harm a precious little angel does it make you feel like a big strong man? What is happening in this country it’s like people have just unleashed murder and greed and hate. It’s so sad.

@Chelsea @CyrilRamaphosa @GovernmentZA the constitution needs to be changed to bring back the death penalty ASAP, look how the innocent babies are being killed by hooligans.

It's so concerning how South Africa is slowly becoming a lawless country. People no longer have a conscious. In another sad incident, a truck driver was stabbed and left to lie on tge road while people looted his goods. Watch video here In the video clip, people can be seen running to the truck to empty it of the goods the driver was transporting. Cry the beloved South Africa! What happened to Ubuntu? How do people go on and loot the truck while the driver was lying down fighting for his life? Really?


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