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Road Accident

Man involved in a horror accident as slay queen twerks for him while driving

The same way that it is not advisable to combine business with pleasure, a person who is driving should not allow anything to distract them from maintaining complete concentration on the road since you will either lose your life or cause the death of someone else.

It all ended in tears, as can be seen in the video of the automobile that was engaged in an accident, which has gone viral on the internet, all because the driver became distracted by what was being done by the lady in the passenger seat, as can be seen in the video.

As seen in the video, a man can be seen kneeling on the seat and filming a girl twerking, and it got to a point where the man forgot he was behind the wheel, and as a result of the excitement, they smashed into something (which is not seen in the video), which led the airbag to deploy.

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You could tell they were both harmed immediately following the collision since the lady can be heard stating 'I need to go the ER,' which is an abbreviation for 'emergency room.'

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