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Where Food From Garbage Is Turned Into Cooked Food And Sold In Restaurant

Have you ever heard of a place which in which community members collect waste food from landfill site and sell it off after properly cooking it? That place is in the Philippines.


There's a particular documentary by BBC which features how garbage food is processed into eatable food.

This restaurant which sells this food does so in order to sell it to the poor people who cannot buy proper food in shops, so this recycled food is sold to these members for even half a penny.

So the first step in this process is collection of the food which is taken by the landfill sites as waste food from various restaurants in Manila is delivered to.

Renato Navarra Conde is one such owner of this type of restaurant who wakes up in the very early hours to go collect the waste food.

The second phase is the cooking of this food. The only ingredients which is bought from the shops is garlic and onion which is used to prepare the cooked meal.

In the preperation process, bones are removed so that only meat is left. Once the bones are removed, the meat is then soaked and washed in water.

After the meat is washed up, a sauce is prepared using the garlic and onion as well as colorant. The meat is then mixed j to the simmering sauce. After a few minutes the food is then ready to be served.

A bowl of this food goes for a price of 20cents.

Around 9am, the hungry customers are already knocking on the door to buy the food.

The customers enjoy the food as they state that it id also quite delicious.

Even young children seem to enjoy this dish made from garbage food.

This is a survival method of these restaurant owners in the poverty stricken country.

Content created and supplied by: Mndeni1994 (via Opera News )

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