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Look At What Mzansi Spotted From Action SA's Donations To A Poor Lady


With the elections around the corner, political parties are doing the most charitable deeds that they can get done in order to secure votes. There is nothing wrong about one doing good deeds however if it's for political reasons then it is absolutely wrong. There is a Bible verse that says the left hand should not know what the right hand is doing meaning that charitable deeds should be done in private. However this is not the case for political parties, their goal is to mention and show how much deeds they are able to pull off for a community or an individual.

It would have been better if political parties did what they are doing now each and everyday of the year. But that just isn't the case on how politics operates.

A lady in Soweto lost her possessions due to a fire. Luckily Action SA saw this as an opportunity to show South Africans why they should vote for them. People should know that just because a political party did one good deed for one person, doesn't mean they will do it for the whole country if they are put in power. The ANC can testify to that.

So the lady who had her possessions destroyed was given a second chance by Action SA who donated some goods to her. Some of those goods include a bed, blankets and bread.

A certain Twitter user spotted something in one of the donations. What was spotted shouldn't be taken likely. The bed that was donated, the mattress had a yellowish stain. This is what the Twitter user said "Good, but donating a bed which your kids have urinated on is undermining the receiver."

If that's the case then it should paint an idea in the minds of South Africans on how Action SA would lead the county if they were to win the elections.

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