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WATCH VIDEO: Of a man who kidnapped “Amahle”, he is found and in police custody


See video of him:

Mzansi has been on a lookout of this young girl by the name “Amahle” who went missing in 2019. According to those who saw her, they said she was playing in the street when one man came in to abduct her. Since then the country as a whole have been on the lolkeout of her whereabouts without a success.

At that time, there were so many kids who were abducted, some were found and others were not found . One lady during the time in search of Amahle once said that she spotted the young girl in Pretoria and she was walking with some woman who looked like a foreigner. Amahle was very dirty and looked like she had not eaten anything in a very long time . 

Unfortunately the lady who saw this young girl was not aware that she was missing , and because of that she was never found. Amahle S’s mother suffered a lot and she was crying each day and still is crying . It’s not nice loosing your only child to some strangers who just choose to be criminals out of nowhere.

Now a video of the man who abducted Amahle has been circulating on social media . The guy looked exactly like the guy who was drawn by artists trying to reveal hi identity. At the moment he hasn’t revealed Amahle’s whereabouts but he is arrested. Rumour has it that he is a serial killer and he rape and kills young girls for a living .

We thank SAPS for finally catching this criminal . We hope soon he will reveal where the poor child is as her family is longing for her . This is really sad , very sad indeed. Please do share and , like and comment below .

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