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Theft robbery

' Community Members from this village don't play games'. This is what they did to these criminals

Never ever in your life wish to be a victim of mob justice. Although mob justice is not condoned according to the South African laws, many people still believe the best and only way to fight crime for good is through mob justice. South African citizens are tired of losing the people they love the most and losing their valuable items because of criminals.

Do the law enforcement officers and the government hear their cries? ...

In Tshiozwi, a village in Venda a group of criminals were taught a lesson they will never forget in the long run. Community members brutally beaten them in the early hours of the morning after catching them stealing. If the police did not come to their rescue they could have been dead by now. According to Tshiozwi residents, these criminals go around stealing and beating people at night. The lucky people are the ones who give them money to avoid getting hurt.

There are people who work night shifts and others knock off at work late. They are afraid to even walk home after their shifts are over. They know that they might get robbed or killed by these heartless criminals.

Mob justice has been observed in diverse cultural and historical settings. It takes hold when the population deems local government and law enforcement ineffective and untrustworthy. Somehow it does a good job to some communities, but the problem about it is that even innocent people get killed because of perpetrators of mob justice.

The law states that the essence of justice is that everyone in society is equally subjected to the law, making it clear that no circumstances or person should be placed above the law. Perpetrators of mob justice believe that they are solving the problem by eliminating the criminal. According to my perspective, mob justice is an expression of a failed justice system.

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