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For Pistorius, this is what transpired; may he rest in peace.

For Pistorius, this is what transpired; may he rest in peace.


Crime in South Africa has gotten to the point where it is both worrisome and dangerous for residents, in part because victims of crime are dying every day, often in horrifying and tragic ways. Every year, when the statistics on crime are released, it is clear that nothing is improving in South Africa in terms of crime, as there is an annual rise in serious crimes like murder. Citizens now almost take it for granted that even though there are police officers on duty to protect them from crimes like these, criminals are always one step ahead, and justice is frequently denied to the families of those who have died in violent crimes.

Death happens every day and is always unexpected. It hurts even more when someone just passes away, even if it's in peace, but what really breaks people's hearts is when someone passes away as a result of a crime in the nation.

A 53-year-old man died in this manner. On a property known as Picketberg farm, Hendrik Pistorius' body was discovered. This man was discovered in a very heartbreaking way. In a bin, with his skull crushed, Pistorius' body was discovered by police. Pistorius was allegedly killed by beatings.

The Western Cape farmer also had signs that he had been dragged to the dustin and thrown inside of it. Who the crime's perpetrators are hasn't been made public in great detail yet. The government must take action to ensure that criminals are dealt with because this is just another tragic example of how crime endangers the lives of citizens.

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