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VIDEO : The story behind the human head that was found on the road to Randfontein

If you thought you had heard or seen enough of the man whose girlfriend found human parts in his fridge, then you are in for more.

VIDEO: Click on the link below

This was after a head was found on the road to Randfontein. It is believed that it may be part of the remains that were found in the fridge on Saturday .

It was reported that the family members of the deceased came forward after an ID that was believed to be their daughter´s was found inside the house of the suspect .

The head was discovered near Protea Glen where the incident took place and it is yet to be established how it was discovered . It can be confirmed that a family did come forward to verify if it was their daughter´s remains.

They did reportedly give their DNA samples to help determine if they are related. It is yet to be determined if the suspect is related to the victim or not. The suspect did reportedly agree to cooperate with locating the rest of the body parts.

Even though the identity of the victim is yet to be established, it can be noted that the victim is a woman.

It is yet another case of Gender-Based Violence. When will some men learn to treat women with respect and dignity? When will the killing of women stop?

These questions are difficult to answer because violence against women is happening on a regular basis. Women and children are violated and killed regularly because the justice system is too soft on the perpetrators. The consequences of such crimes are too soft, hence the reason they are on an increase. The introduction of the death penalty on killers of women and children is one of the best ways of helping curb these crimes.

If the perpetrators were to know that killing another woman had the death penalty as the consequence, such crimes would not happen. The justice system has a long way to go towards helping end Gender-Based Violence.

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