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Read: The Offender Maintains That He's Innocent

The social media users went crazy yesterday after they learnt of Boitumelo Thulo's beating allegedly by a foreign friend,Boitumelo Thulo was assaulted by Bujy Bikwa and the televisoin personality Boitumelo Thulo were initially involved in a heated argument which ended up physical,Boity secured some injuries during the physical engagement with the guy.The guy had since been arrested and charged with the Grevious Body Harm assault.The social media were divided over by this incident,some were feeling sorry for Boity Thulo and for some reasons,some didn't even feel sympathy for her just because he once said something against the will of the south africans.In a two paged letter,the suspect outlined and gave the details of what actually led him to beat Boitumelo Thulo.The suspect claims that he endured the physical and verbal abuse from Boitumelo Thulo,according to the suspect,this issue of physical abuse dates back to the past few weeks where Boity harmed physically harmed him.He went on to reveal that Boity had once again attacked him physically and emotionally during the day of that saddest incident,he says he lost his cool and accidentally thrown the class in his hand towards Boitumelo Thulo.Boitumelo Thulo told the suspect that he's broke and not popular like her,says the suspect.The suspect opened the counter case of gender based violence against Boitumelo Thulo and maintains that he's not an abuser of anyway the perpetrator of the gender based violence.moreover,the suspect has apologized to the public for that regrettable occurrence.Though he was heard saying that people will start to know him after what he's gonna do to Boity,some of the social media users defended the suspect by saying that voice was counter reply to what Boity had initially said to him.This is a carrer damaging assault to Boitumelo Thulo as the television personality.The gender based violence is not limited to the ordinary people who are not known to the public,even the most popular people are sometimes find themselves trapped in this dilema.

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