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Watch Crazy Things Teenagers Do in Graceland Tavern in Johannesburg.

After the tragic loss of 22 young people in the Enyobeni Tavern, many in South Africa are wondering how other bars are faring.

Because of the indifference of our politicians and parents, our society is deteriorating into anarchy, and we can no longer act as if everything is well. South Africa's future depends on its youth, thus ensuring their safety is a top priority. 

In recent news, a video has gone viral online of a bunch of teens drinking and dancing in the rain. While dancing wildly, the inebriated youth could be seen spraying themselves with dirty waterlog. The claimed event took place in Graceland pub on 1st Avenue in Johannesburg, and it sheds light on the dangerous activities in which some of our young people partake there. 

Our society deserves better, which is why it is critical that our leaders and parents live up to our high standards. Only then can we be confident that the next generation will be ready to pick up where we leave off.


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Enyobeni Graceland Tavern Johannesburg South Africa


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