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'See 10 Countries with the highest number of witch craft in the world. See This

Witch-hunting is the practice of looking for and apprehending persons who have been labeled as witches by their peers. It is sometimes referred to as "witch-hunting" when it is used to allude to religious paranoia or a condition of generalized panic. As a result of the widespread use of witch-hunts in 15th-century civilization, millions of people have been executed or perished as a result. Modern civilization also includes places like Saudi Arabia, India, Nepal, Europe, and a handful of Sub-Saharan African countries, where mortal witchcraft is still practiced. Generally speaking, these witch hunts are focused mostly towards women and children. So, which country has the world's most dangerous witch-hunting tradition, and what is it? We came up with the world's top 10 most lethal witch hunts.

The following is a list of the top ten nations in the world with the most fatal witch hunting practices, as determined by the World Health Organization:

10. Congo

Witch-hunts are done in the name of a "god" against unarmed men, women, and children who are not guilty of any crime. Growing numbers of children and teenagers are being abused and murdered in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, sometimes under pretenses of witchcraft and black magic. Those suspected of witchcraft in the country are subject to the death sentence. Hundreds of people and children, many of whom have broken limbs, legs, and burn injuries, have fled to Uganda, which is only across the border. hundreds of people were killed in 2001 when Congolese went on a savage witch-hunting rampage. Many were assaulted with axes and machetes, while others were badly beaten by members of the public; neither neighbors nor acquaintances escaped the slaughter. The crimes of witch hunts continue today in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

9. Cameroon

In a number of countries in Sub-Saharan Africa, sorcery and witchcraft are still considered to be real. When it comes to ghosts and religious beliefs, Cameroon is no different from the rest of the world. Residents in the region have held protests and gone on rampages, destroying homes, places of worship, and accused witches in the process. Every year, over one hundred people die in the United States as a consequence of violent witch hunts. On many occasions in 2014, people set fire to and damaged houses, autos, and commercial establishments. In addition, there is no space for children in the neighborhood, which is a shame. Using coercion, a 16-year-old female was forced to consume a fatal abortion pill, which resulted in the death of the child. Witch-hunting is a destructive pastime that preys on youngsters, the elderly, and anyone suspected of being witches. Few have confirmed that alleged witches in Cameroon are often tortured and publicly burned by crowds, according to reports.

8. South Africa

Brutal assaults on women who are falsely accused of being witches continue to take place in contemporary South Africa. Around the world, there are numerous examples of lethal witch-hunting activities that go unregistered and unreported. An unclothed woman accused of witchcraft was beaten and sexually assaulted by her neighbors in a Mpumalanga hamlet in April 2015. In the face of the women's suffering, the police were rendered ineffective. When Thembekile Ngubane, age 59, attempted to set himself on fire in February 2015, he was forced to consume gasoline. She passed away in the hospital after a month of treatment. There have been several reports of persons being burned alive, stoned, tortured, and brutally slain in various parts of the nation. Elderly women are the major targets of witch hunts, according to the CDC.

7. Seventh

In many rural regions of India, particularly in villages, black magic and witchcraft are still practiced and believed in. As a result, women in such places are vulnerable to witch hunts. In certain societies, women are tortured, stripped nude, and publicly slaughtered in front of their neighbors. According to statistics, women who are widowed or divorced are the most frequently targeted for the purpose of robbing them of their valuables. Approximately 700 women have been killed or murdered since 2008, according to a survey conducted by the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) in 2013. Generalized accusations of witchcraft often related with property theft, punishing a lady for declining sexual advances, or settling old grudges. In 2013, a woman was murdered and her daughter raped on the grounds that she was practicing black magic. In India's poorest states, such as Bihar, Assam, Jharkhand, and Chhattisgarh, witch-hunt-related deaths are disproportionately high, according to the United Nations

6. Gambia

According to Amnesty International, more than 1000 people who were accused of practicing witchcraft were imprisoned in a secret location and forced to consume potentially lethal hallucinogenic substances in 2009. At least two people have died as a result of exposure to the toxic chemical. It has been related to major kidney impairment. A large number of people have been beaten and harassed. According to some reports, the Gambian government and authorities may have been implicated in the country's murderous witch-hunting campaign, which has resulted in the deaths of dozens of people. A large number of people are fleeing the Gambia as a result of the country's terrible witch-hunting practices.. According to the New York Times, Yahya Jammeh, the Gambian President, was the one who initiated the witch-hunting activity in the country.

5. Kenya

Associate witch-hunters have a long history in Kenyan society, and they are still active today. In Kenya, witch-hunts are common, and they frequently entail public humiliation and lynching of witches as part of the punishment. In 2008, a group of Kenyans publicly burned 11 people who were accused of being witches, according to reports. In 2013, a woman was pulled outside her home, stripped naked, and attacked with machetes by a group of men. In the same year, a man was publicly burned to death in front of hundreds of people. In the vast majority of incidents involving witch-hunting-related killings, family members are the principal suspects. As a result of the widespread practice of witch-hunting in the country, many individuals have been forced to leave their homes.

4. Zambia

The practice of witchcraft and the use of witchcraft is prohibited in Zambia. Zambians practice mortal witch-hunting customs at a higher level than those in other African countries, as is the case in other African countries. Malawians have strong superstitious beliefs that have resulted in horrific killings and brutal murders committed in the name of witchcraft and black magic throughout the country. For inspiration, consider the case of two men who were axed to death by family members on the belief that they were practicing witchcraft back in 2013. Throughout the late 1920s, witch-hunting gangs such as Bamucapi used torture, false accusations of witchcraft, extortion, and the confiscation of accused witches' property to further their goals of eliminating them. These witch-hunters continue to exist and act in secrecy even today.

3. Guinea

Papua New Guinea participates in violent witch-hunting, which has resulted in the expulsion of a considerable number of citizens from the country. "White" magic is permitted in Papua New Guinea and is accompanied by a pledge of good faith and cure; nevertheless, "black" magic is considered immoral and can result in a two-year jail term. The practice of extrajudicial torture and murders of alleged witches, particularly lone women, according to official reports, is on the rise in recent years. Every year, 150 witch-hunting instances are reported, many of which result in murders or other acts of violence. According to varied perspectives across the country, witch-hunts are perceived differently in different regions, with some regions considering them as more voyeuristic and cruel than others. One woman from a nearby village was abused and "burned and fused her genitals beyond repair by several invasions with red-hot iron," according to the report. Witch-hunt-related homicides expanded to cities and rose in number day by day, according to historical records.

2. Tanzania.

Tanzania is replete with the practice of witchcraft. Every year, over 1000 people are executed in the nation because they are suspected of practicing witchcraft. Throughout Africa, Tanzania is recognized for having the most fanatical witch-hunting rituals in existence. Tanzania is a country where witch-hunts are fierce and brutal. It is particularly prevalent among elderly women in Tanzania, who are disproportionately affected by this sort of abuse. Children are also not exempt from being killed during witch hunts. In 2014, 23 people were arrested for the murder of seven 'witches,' who were found dead. As witch-hunting has become more intense, a large number of villages have been forced to flee. Victims are assaulted with fatal weapons such as machetes and other sharp implements. Many people are killed or burned alive in their own houses.

1. Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia has highly strong prohibitions against witchcraft and witchcraft-related acts, and these laws are enforced vigorously. Witchcraft is punishable by a variety of punishments ranging from life in prison to the death penalty for those proven guilty. Not all other temporary employees are exempt from this rule. Visiting workers from countries such as Indonesia are arrested and imprisoned for allegedly engaging in witchcraft practices. The venues and residences where black magic is practiced are routinely looked for and discovered. The month of November 2009 saw almost a hundred persons jailed on suspicion of practicing magic using sacred books. A large number of witchcraft-related actions have resulted in people being sentenced to death. Over the period 2006 to 2012, a considerable number of persons in Saudi Arabia were cruelly and brutally executed on the grounds of practicing witchcraft. A large number of persons from other countries have also been sentenced to death. Some were publicly beaten, while others were beheaded in front of a large crowd. Saudi Arabia conducts the most terrible method of witch hunting in the world, which is called "witch hunting."

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