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Bank tellers are always laughing at him so he decided to do the following

When it comes to ID photo's some people wish they would have used a different picture or change it because the one they have it's a no for them, and it becomes a problem to have to produce it to people as it becomes a joke to them, some people don't understand that not everything is a laughing matter but then again when it comes to funny things it's hard to hold yourself.

I guess being a bank teller sometimes it's hard because you always have to make sure you are professional at all times, even when you see that this matter is pushing you to tied corner you have to, but then i guess not all of them I able to do, as at the end of the day they are only human and they make mistake but the problem is some mistake they make hurt other people probably unaware of it.

A man took to his social media account on Facebook to share how bank tellers laughs at him every time they look at his ID photo he even decided to ask people how much is to make a new ID, as he probably thinks it's better to go and change it because this one has turned him into a laughing stock and his tired.

Bank teller probably didn't mean to hurt him, but they did sometimes as people we do things to other people not aware that were are hurting them, there are people who are sensitive and they easily get hurt, so that's why it's always important to be careful what do we say in their presence.

And for this guy, it seems like it didn't happen once, but it happened a couple of times, now he's tired of this that's why he decided to change it. Let us try to be a bit sensitive towards people's looks a land how we respond to them, people are sensitive.

And Mgabe is not the only one it seems like other people are experiencing the same thing as well.

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