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AfriForum Has Dropped A Bombshell On Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma

JOHANNESBURG – The countries locked down and curfews have been put in place for like 20 months now, but there are some groups which are no longer interested in any of those and feel like it is enough. AfriForum has written to CoGTA Minister Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma, stating that they want the curfew to come to an end. Her deadline to respond to their message is Friday, AfriForum’s lawyer, Daniel Eloff, says the group wants to be aware of the reasoning and effectiveness of the curfew.

If they can explain how effective the curfew is maybe then it will be understood why it has been put in place, as for now that group does not even understand why there is a curfew until this time. They obviously feel like the lockdown made a lot of businesses run at a loss and for the party to continue imposing lockdowns and a curfew, it is making things worse for many businesses that operate 24/7. they feel like the curfew is useless because it's not like COVID-19 knows the time, anyone can be infected by the virus at anytime meaning even in the afternoon so there is no point of saying there must be any curfew.

For the party obviously the curfew is important because they feel like it helps in stopping the spread of the virus, what people want to know is how so. Recently a lot of people have been doing as they please and we have been seeing a lot of cars and people travelling at midnight which had made people even forget that there is a curfew in the very first place. Things have been seeming a lot normal lately, so it shows that there is no need for any curfew but people just need to follow the lockdown regulations.

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AfriForum CoGTA Daniel Eloff


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