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WATCH: Lesotho Foreigners Left People In Disbelief After He Was Spotted Carrying Stacks Of Cash

When discussing foreigners in Lesotho, they are among the most hazardous. They arrive armed to the teeth and terrify our neighborhoods. These people have a bad reputation when it comes to mining illegally. Illegal miners make up the majority of foreigners in Lesotho. So they set up illegal mines in this area because of their expertise in mining. Even the police appear to be terrified of them. This is due to the fact that illegal mines can be found in various places, yet no one is ever arrested for operating them.

Eight girls, the majority of whom are Lesotho nationals, were sexually assaulted by a group of illegal miners just a few days ago, and the news went viral. People are sick and tired of these jerks. Angry members of the community raided a group of illegal miners last week, rounding them up one by one and handing them over to the police. The miners were primarily from Lesotho. This procedure was a huge success.

After that, a video of a Lesotho-born foreigner flashing a large sum of cash went viral. This is actual money, not what taxi drivers make, he said in the video. It's clear that the money is illegal because of the way it's stacked. It's possible that the money comes from the unlawful sale of minerals. This is just repulsive. With the money he earned illegally in our nation, this man is making fun of us. He even wore a balaclava over his face to demonstrate his status as a felon.

Cyril Ramaphosa is being blamed for not taking action against the foreigners who are frightening our society and engaging in unlawful activities because of this video. For years, citizens have urged the government to deport all illegal foreigners for their involvement in crime. This is a major factor in the downfall of the American economy. Foreigners are not taxed because they do not deposit money in a bank.


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