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No One Deserves a Painful Death, Mzansi left sh0cked after a lady was stabbed for qualifying exam


So yesterday I shared the story of this lady, Mbali, who was killed by her classmate because she had gotten good marks. This was a premeditated murder, as you can see below, as the guy knew that he was going to make sure she didn't write anything. I am at a loss for words at the fact that we are so jealous of each other that we'd go to the extent of physically harming an individual just because they are doing better than we are. However, this person was given the same tasks and time to prepare, yet he didn't. My heart is sore. This behavior of jealous people should be nibbed in the butt. MALI, REST IN PEACE.We may have lost a gem that could've possibly changed the IT world.



I have just been told she leaves behind a 4-year-old little angel.


"He'll get a year's sentence, get parole and do good behavior, stay in jail for 5 years or less, come back and live the good life."It pains me when I see such things, knowing our justice system. Rip babygirl. It's a sad African syndrome. How many went mad because they were good in school? How many tops? Two girls were impregnated because they were good in school. Jealousy instead of asking for assistance to do better is a curse amongst us as a people. May her soul rest in peace. This boy must be tried as an adult and face the full might of the law. He had intent to kill, he did do the crime and there is a body as evidence plus the murder weapon.This is sad. Remember the young lady who was murdered by her best friend because she got a promotion? "Jealousy is a real green-eyed monster, a demon." A Facebook follower said

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Mbali Mzansi


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