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75 year old rowboat Adventurer 'Lost' in Atlantic

By Jessica Arendse

French adventurer, 75 year old Jean-Jacques Savin set off in a row boat from Portugal on the 1st January to cross the Atlantic according to Portugal Navy officials.

The empty and capsized boat was found near the Azores Archipelago, on the 21st of January 21, 2022.

Saturday, Savin's support team posted on Facebook that his body was found inside the cabin of his boat called Audacious. However, a different story was posted late Sunday evening by his daughter Manon, stating that the body of her father had not been recovered.

She stated: "To date we have no official confirmation from the Portuguese maritime authorities".

On January 19th (soon after his birthday which he celebrated, January 14th on sea), Savin posted on Facebook about problems he had with the solar charger of his water desalinator. He confirmed that he was not in any danger as he was heading towards the mid-Atlantic port of Ponta Delgada in the Azores with fair wind.

Savin posted: "There's a beautiful marina with an airport next door. If I want to fix it (charger) I will have everything I need in place. My goal is to go as far as I can each day as long as the wind is with me!"

The Portuguese Navy stated on Sunday that there was a search for Savin's boat after a distress signal they received before midnight on Thursday evening. The rescue crew consisted of three aircraft, a naval corvette and several merchant ships. They found a waterproof bag containing Savin's documents and later found the capsized boat in choppy seas. The boat was then lifted and transported onto a Naval ship on Saturday. Thereafter, the search for Savin was called off but alerts were sent to ships in the surrounding area in the hopes of finding the missing adventurer.

Savin achieved crossing the Atlantic in a barrel-shaped capsule, from Spain's Canary Islands to the Caribbean in 2019.

A search continues for the missing adventurer by Portugal officials.

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