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Sad pictures of a boy doing his homework under the street at night causes a conflict on Twitter

A young boy who was snapped while doing his homework at night under the street light, has caused a lot of trould on social media.

Africa is known as a continent that is less economically developed, and most of people are suffering, while few are wealthy.

However, there are some that are suffering the most, and this boy might be one of them.

He was seen by someone who decided to take the pictures of him and posted them on social media.

People had different opinions about this boy's issue.

One asked what exactly is the boy doing during the day, as he is writing the homework at night under the street light.

Another stated that people should stop sympathizing with the boy as he should be doing his homeworks during the day.

People were slamming those who were saying that the boy should do his homeworks during the day.

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